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Deacon King Kong A Novel By James Mcbride
by James Mcbride

Delightful thriller set in the Brooklyn Projects of 1969 with a great cast of characters and profound insights into race and class set amid the exciting happenings.

Ever after
by Samantha Chase

This book was okay. The first book was a lot better than this one. Ava was kind of annoying in this book. I liked Brain but then also had an issue, of kind following her and inviting himself to a family event, I found that to be a little creepy. The author could have stopped with just the christmas cottage. I would read the first one again but not this one.

The Super Duper Princess Heroes
by Sanjay Nambiar

This review is about The Super Duper Princess Heroes, which tells about three girls, who one day were playing in a forest when a strange bag appeared. Curious, one girl opened the bag. Inside, she found three glittering tiaras. She gave the other girls one, and took one for herself. As soon as they put the tiaras on, a whirl of glitter swirled around them and soon they began to transform. Read to find out what happens next.

by Jason Reynolds

Beautiful book. Teaches history in a way it has never been taught in schools.

Ravi's Roar
by Tom Percival

This review is about Ravi's Roar, which tells about Ravi, who is the smallest member of the family. Even his dog was bigger than him. Most of the time, being small was a good thing. But one day, a bunch of bad things happened. Read to find out what happens next.

Be A Good Dragon
by Cyrus, Kurt

Be a Good Dragon is about a dragon that does not know how to behave everybody always try to stop him.What do you think will happen next?

Brains winter
by Gary Paulsen

it was an good book you learn how to hunt and how to survive in the wild

Second Time Around
by Beth Kendrick

A fun easy read! Good reflection on life

The Daughters Of Erietown Connie Schultz
by Connie Schultz


The Kissing Hand
by Audrey Penn

This review is a bout The Kissing Hand, which tells about Chester, a racoon who is scared about going to school. His mother said she knew a trick. It was a very old trick. She said it's called the kissing hand. She opened up Chester's left hand and kissed it. "Now, whenever you feel lonely, just press your hand and say to yourself, Mama loves you."
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