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I Can Read Marley
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Easy quick read, and very silly -Rudi age 6

Kid Innovators
by Robert Stephens

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Great book

Tales of wisdom and wonder - Curing fox
by Hugh Luptom

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This book was an Native American story, that has been passed down. It was about how an old lady who was a healer , used one sick girl, to save not only her life but another stray animals. This book showed how both can be better, with the help of 1.

Some Dogs Do
by Jez Alborough

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Very sweet, uplifting story. Beautiful illustrations.

More Blueberries
by Susan Musgrave

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Fun and light

The Gilded Ones
by Namina Forna

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At the age of 16 every village girl must undergo the Blood Ceremony to see if she can become a member of her village. If her blood runs red she becomes an accepted member; if it runs gold she is an outcast and will be banished if not killed outright.

Mommy Hugs
by Mommy Hugs

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Little one loved this

Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack
by Jim Davis

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I like this book because Garfield is fat and funny. Jon is weird and Odie is cute.

Mr. Strong
by Roger Hargreaves

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Good story

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault

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This book is wonderful, my daughter loves identifying the letters throughout the book and signing her ABCs at the end.