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How To Be A Big Kid
by Penguin Random House

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I like “Who’s in your family?” Page

Elmer And The Rainbow
by David Mckee

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Beautiful book

The Wonder Boy Of Whistle Stop
by Fannie Flagg

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Once I realized and sunk into the cadence of this book I really liked it. Fast paced, funny, heartfelt, and heartbreaking when needed. The only thing was, I wanted to know more about Ruth (Bud's mom). We found out so much about Idgie but not so much about Ruth (Maybe this was covered in "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe"?). I didn't like the character of Idgie because of all the lies she told Ruth, that's great she got her life together when she moved to Florida but that was all after Ruth died. Really enjoyed how loving Bud was to everyone and how he never gave up and always found a way. I enjoyed how the book was written and how the characters wove into each other.

There Is A Bird On Your Head
by Mo Willems

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The book was really good! Sense I love books by Mo Willems.

Who Is Jk Rowling
by Pam Pollack

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Very interesting book about the Harry Pitter author.

The Day The Crayons Quit.
by By Drew Daywalt.

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The Day The Crayons Quit. One day Duncan got a letter for the crayons the black one said why do you only use me for outlines i want you to color things like what's the matter with black beach ball or black sand. Red said why do i have to be used on holladay like on santa and the heart In valentine's day. I suggest this book for a artist who loves to color.

by Kevin Henkes

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This book was about this mouse named Owen. When she was little, she had a yellow blanket called Fuzzy. She loved Fuzzy, and she took Fuzzy everywhere she went. But one day her parents told her she was too old for Fuzzy and they said to put her away, but Owen said no. But her parents kept on trying to put away Fuzzy, but one day school was starting and she had to put Fuzzy away. She was so sad and then she got an idea. She made Fuzzy a hanker chief and she took it everywhere even school.

Towers Falling
by Jewell Parker Rhodes

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i like that it is fun to read. i like that it has Ben in it and that it has real history in it.

The Deceivers Margaret Peterson Haddix
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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The first half was a little slow but the second half was suspenseful.

Who Was Pablo Picasso
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